Motorola SECTEL 9600

Motorola's SECTEL product line provides worldwide voice/ data security through the telephone network. To an unauthorized listener, the terminals' transmissions are totally unintelligible.
The SECTEL 9600 offers such convenient features as simultaneous voice and data transmissions in the secure mode, hands-free speakerphone, and two key management modes.




Secure/Clear Voice Modes

The terminal allows for secure voice at 2.4, 4.8, or 9.6 kbps and for clear voice communication .

Provides the user with superior voice quality in the secure mode.

Secure Data Capability

The terminal provides an RS232 Data Port Interface for use with an external data terminal.

Allows the users to quickly send secure data communications with computers, facsimiles, or other RS232 compatible devices.

Automatic Fall Back

If a secure transmission is initiated at 9.6/4.8 kbps and poor line conditions are present, the terminal automatically falls back to 2.4 kbps.

Allows for uninterrupted secure communications


This feature operates in the clear voice, or 9.6/4.8 kbps secure voice mode and can be disabled if desired.

Provides hands-free operation and the ability for others in the room to participate in the conversation.

Simultaneous Voice and Data

The terminal can transmit voice and data messages at the same time in the secure mode.

The user can view and discuss data at the same time, providing interactive communications.

High Level Encryption

The terminal uses DVI, Motorola's advanced, proprietary encryption algorithm.

High degree of voice/data privacy

Programmable Keys

The SECTEL 9600 is accessed by Key Storage Devices (KSDs). These are black, plastic keys which house an EEPROM. Depending on the key management mode selected, the keys may be programmed as a Security Activation Key (SAK), Terminal Activation Key (TAK), Custodian Key, or Fill Key.

The KSDs are convenient to carry and are made of durable, wear-resistant material that is designed to protect them from dust, dirt, and magnetic fields.

Two Key Management Modes

Custom Mode

Up to 16 different key variables can be manually loaded into the terminal via the keypad or by a Fill Key. Access to secure calls and programming are achieved via a TAK and Custodian Key, respectively.

Allows the SECTEL 9600 user to retain control over the system through manually generated key variables

Public Key Mode

A centralized, automatic key management system via a SECTEL KCA 2400. Access to secure calls is achieved via a SAK.

Alleviates the need for the SECTEL 9600 user to manually generate and distribute key variables.

Auto Answer/Auto Secure

An option on the SECTEL 9600 to automatically go off hook into the secure mode.

This selectable user option allows the terminal to answer data transmissions (e.g. facsimile) securely without user interface.

Features Phone

Provides many features of a standard desktop unit: redial, hands-free speakerphone, memory dialing, hookflash, etc.

Allows the user to replace existing desktop telephones while maintaining feature phone capabilities.

2 Wire Full-Duplex Operation

The terminal can be used over the normal 2-wire Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Allows the user to talk and listen over a standard telephone line.

Erase Capability

For emergency situations, or when maintenance of the terminal is required, the user can erase the key variables.

Permits the user to protect his terminal keying information.

Cryptographic Memory Storage

The terminal's data base is stored in battery-backed-up RAM (Random Access Memory).

The SECTEL 9600 retains its cryptographic memory even when power is lost.

* All specifications are subject to change without notice and are issued for guidance purposes only.



Height, Overall:

10.4 cm

Without Handset:

7.4 cm


25.9 cm


23.8 cm


4 Kg




Operating Temperature:

0° C to +50° C

Storage Temperature:

-40° C to +70° C


90% (non-condensing)



Input Voltage

90-250V ac

Input Frequency

47-63 Hz

Input Power

20 Watts


V.26 Ter Based:

2.4 kbps with echo cancelling


9.6 kbps and 4.8 kbps with echo cancelling

Input level of -6 to -43 dBm

Output level adjust-1 to-12 dBm


2.4 kbps

Linear Predictive Coding (LPC 10 Enhanced) Full and Half duplex

4.8 kbps

Code-Excited Linear Predictive Coding (CELP) Full Duplex

9.6 kbps

Modified Residual Excited Linear Predictive Coding (MRELP); Full Duplex


RS232 Compatible

9600/4800/2400 Baud Synchronous 9600/4800/2400/1200/600/300/ 110/75 Baud Asynchronous

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