Motorola SP10

Top-Line Communications For Improving Your Bottom Line
Improve your bottom line through productivity. By giving your work group the power to communicate, the Radius SP10 increases your productivity. And because it's from Motorola, you can rest assured it will continue to provide top-line performance through the rigors of your working environment. This affordable two-way radio is designed to meet the basic communication needs of your business while keeping costs in line.

Choice Of Models
The SP10 is available in two synthesized models depending on your specific requirements. Choose from a 1-Watt, one-channel VHF model or a 2-Watt, one channel UHF model, each with plenty of power to get your message through loud and clear. With the SP10, all workers in a work group can communicate, increasing your productivity.

Motorola's Quality Commitment

Motorola's reputation for quality and reliability is built into every SP10 we manufacture.
Every SP10 is built to withstand the on-the-job punishment your workers will dish out. The hi-impact housing absorbs shock and vibration and will withstand years of heavy use.
All Motorola radios must pass our Accelerated Life Testing simulating five years of field stress.
Every SP10 is backed by Motorola's limited1-year U.S. warranty to assure your satisfaction.

Coded Squelch Capability(Private Line)
Your SP10 can be purchased with Motorola's Private Line (PL) feature,which gives it coded squelch capability. This allows your dealer to program a code unique to a specific group of radios. All radios in the group send this code and must detect it before receiving a call. This eliminates unwanted transmissions and keeps the lines of communication clear for important business. If you choose to order yourSP10 without coded squelch capability, it can always be ordered later as a separate component and installed by your Radius dealer.

Ergonomically Designed
The SP10 is designed with user comfort in mind. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, weighing only 11.0ounces and measuring only 5.27 " x 2.5" x 1.23 ". Al1controls are easily accessible, located on the top and side panels.

Audio Accessory Connector
For added flexibility, all SP10 models are equipped with: an audio accessory connector located on the side of the radio. This allows you to add useful accessories such as a remote speaker microphone, headset or earpiece.

LED Indicator
An LED indicator provides the user with immediate feedback on the status of the SP10. If well-charged,the LED shines continuously when transmitting. If the battery is in need of charging, the LED remains off when transmitting.

Standard Rate Charging Adapter

A 10-hour, 110V charging adapter is a standard SP10accessory. The adapter plugs directly into the SP10 and into any standard wall outlet providing a full recharge in10 hours. An LED on the adapter confirms the charging operation.

Removable Belt Clip
A removable belt clip attaches to the back of the SP10 allowing you to carry it on your belt in order to free up your hands.
Quick-Rate Desktop Charger
The Quick-Rate Charger allows you to charge a single Nickel Cadmium radio battery in the desktop unit with a 3 or16-hour charge rate. The 110V AC adapter plugs into any standard wall outlet. Red,yellow and green indicator lights keep you informed of the charge status.

Remote Speaker Microphone
A separate speaker/microphone attaches to the user's clothing and plugs into the radio, allowing the user to communicate without removing the radio from his belt.

Your choice of headsets provide enhanced sound clarity in noisy environments.Simply depress the push-to-talk button on the radio and speak into the swivel boom microphone. Free up the user's hands by adding a VOX adapter to the headset and eliminate the need to depress the radio's push-to-talk button to communicate.

Surveillance Microphone/Earpiece
These accessories provide a comfortable, unobtrusive earpiece which mutes the internal radio speaker while channeling the audio directly to your ear. Lets you monitor transmissions clearly in noisy environments or when privacy is important. Available with or without a lapel microphone.

Carry Cases
Leather or nylon carry cases are available for increasedI protection of your radio.


Model Series P23RRC P24RRC
Frequency 151-159 MHz 462-470 MHz
Channel Capacity 1
Average Battery Life
@ 5-5-90 Duty Cycle
Rechargeable Ni-Cad Battery; 13 Hours Rechargeable Ni-Cad Battery; 8 Hours
RF Output 1W 2W
Frequency Separation 8 MHz 8 MHz
Channel Spacing 30 kHz 25 kHz
Sensitivity 12 dB SINAD 0.25 ÁV 0.25 ÁV
Selectivity EIA SINAD -50 dB -50 dB
Intermodulation EIA SINAD -50 dB -50 dB

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