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Fylde Micro - Pioneers in MPT1327 Radio Trunking

Fylde Micro Ltd are co founders and current world leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of MPT1327 radio trunking networks. Fylede Micro delivered the first ever true MPT system to BT back in 1986 and installed it on the Post office tower in London. This was closely followed by the first multi site radio trunking systems.

Today, Fylde Micro Ltd are successfully rolling out networks with a 3rd generation product to meet modern day voice and data communications challenges. Fylde Micro Ltd are currently completing the roll out of a national MPT1327 network in Belgium, Holland and parts of France and Germany with plans in place to expand the network into the UK in 2007/8.


Radio Trunking Explained

Conventional ATM Trunked ATM

Just as a modern bank provides access to a pool of ATM's, trunking provides access to a shared pool of radio channels. When you want to place an individual or group call, a channel is allocated to all participants. The call takes place in private and once it's completed, the channel is returned to the pool for others to use. Sharing channels increases the availability of airtime to all users. The result is increased quality of service and reduced infrastructure and operating costs.

MPT 1327 trunking is ideally suited for providing individual or group calls.

MPT offers fast call set up time along with a wide range of advanced features and functionality. Examples of such features include emergency and priority call management, status messaging, dynamic regrouping of users, and data/text messaging.

MPT 1327 uses a digital control channel with analogue voice channels...

The digital control channel provides a data gateway that allows enhanced features including security and subscriber verification, mobile data communications, system administration, and seamless multi-site roaming.

GPS Tracking

Supports all MPT 1327 compliant radio units

Radios can be mixed manufacture either vehicle mounted or portable units. ICOM , MOTOROLA , SIMOCO, TAIT , KENWOOD, HYT

Fylde MPT1327 systems typically support 70-100 radios per channel
(dependant on average call duration and required grade of service).

Automatic site roaming
Radios automatically select sites, using signal strength and Bit Error Rate calculations.

Supports AVL / GPS systems

Person to person
Individual speech and short data messaging, local or between radios on other sites (Inter site calls).

Automatic call queuing
for called party and channel busy. Calls automatically connect when a channel or called party becomes free.

Person to group speech and short data messaging
with intelligent site selection (Local or Inter-site).

User management
allows manipulation of subscribers and their facilities.

Call Records
Each call, made throughout the network, generates a call log. Calling and called parties are logged, along with 20 other attributes.



FyldeSuperTrunk III

The TSC Channel card performs the major MPT1327 trunking functions. It can operate on its own as a single channel MPT1327 repeater. No other processors whatsoever are necessary.

Specially designed for MPT1327 applications, TSC Channel cards are rugged, reliable, and fast.

Channel cards communicate with one another via a very resilient high-speed bi-directional serial bus. This simple 2-wire connection can be up to 1000 metres long, useful if several racking cabinets are to be connected (on a large system) where the cabinets cannot be mounted close to one another.

Check and align sites in minutes rather than hours

To align and maintain a Fylde SuperTrunk III system, you just need a standard radio test set and a laptop PC running the Fylde Field Programmer software. It's so simple and accurate.

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